Smithfield closing Sioux Falls plant

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Jul 5, 2012
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Conflicting reports for how long.

Smithfield Foods will close its Sioux Falls facility until further notice, the company announced Sunday in a news release.

The closure comes after the South Dakota Department of Health said 238 of Minnehaha's 438 COVID-19 cases involve "individuals who work at Smithfield Foods." The plant was identified as the largest hot spot in the state with about 38% of the state's cases. Those numbers were last updated Saturday.

Smithfield will fully shutdown on Wednesday. The plant will partially be operated through Tuesday to process inventory, according to the news release.

More: Noem: Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls needs to shut down for 14 days

Smithfield previously announced that it would close for three days for cleaning starting Saturday and continue through Monday.
Just had one of their hams for Easter Sunday. Another thing to worry about.
Being China owned, I wonder if Chinese visitors, or Americans that went to China, made this plant more vulnerable.

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