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There is two grocery stores in Baker. They are across the street from each other. It is an Albertson's and a Safeway. A few years ago Albertson's bought out the Safeway chain. So we have two different stores across the street from each other owned by the same company. Makes for great competition.... not. But they have good prices and selection. It is 50 miles the other direction to a bigger town with more stores. We shop at the Albertson's because it is a bigger building with more stocking room. But if one store is out of something the other will be out of it too.
We have a servo in town where a chick pumps fuel. I mustn't be much of a "chick magnet" as she rarely pumps it for me, maybe I'm just not frail enough to get her pity. I tell her that I like attractive young ladies pumping fuel for me even though I would not put her in the young category and she could do with shedding a few kilos from her arse but I'm kind enough not to tell her that.

Im in the minority here. I prefer self checkout though agreed there should be a
I can do it quicker, use less bags (i prefer only one trip frm car to house lol), and cashiers 75% if the time fall into two categories: 1) a snot nosed, unpleasant, rude etc individual or 2) a complete moron. Though Not necessarily mutually exclusive

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