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I recently had a freak of nature to occur on my ranch. I had a calf that was at least a month premature born. Thats not all that odd but the fact that this calf only weighed in at 11 lbs 8 oz is. This calf was full developed except his hooves, they were softer than most newborn calves. He was born on December 12, 1999. Now the story gets even more unusual besides the fact most of my calves are 60-70 lbs at birth. This calf is now two months old and doing well. He never nursed his dam the first time as he could not even reach up that far. When he was born I Brought hium inside to keep him from freezing to death. My fiance (now my wife) rubbed and stimulated this tiny calf for two hours... It was almost 4 hours before we fed the calf anything because I told her not to...I thought he would surely die quickly and there was no reason to prolong the inevitable..I know now I was wrong..On top of that his first feedings were not colostrum or even milk was buttermilk mixed with pet milk.....That mixture kept this calf alive for 2 days before we were able to find anyone with frozen colostrum. This calf has never had the scours or even checked up. We have had 3 vet look at this calf and all agree they have never seen a smaller calf. I would love to know if this could be a record for smallest calf if any of you know. Also if anybody has had similar experience.....PLEASE EMAIL ME! <br>Thanks
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