Small knots around neck

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Dec 14, 2019
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McGregor, Tx
I don't think these are grubs-wrong season/area on body. This steer has had 2 episodes after about a week of rain each time, small soft lumps at base of neck/should area. Mosquitoes were huge and horrible first time-thought it just may be mosquito bites. Not as many this time, but they have reappeared. We use a pour-on for fly control (watching withdrawal dates so not using ivermectin). Reds don't seem to have the issue, but one does have some fly-bite sores (less than pencil eraser size). Ignore it since he'll be in the freezer soon? Definitely not injection sites


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From your photos, it looks like there's still quite a few hornflies on that critter.
Yep. Pour ons only last so long in the rain, feed through is making a (very) little dent. Gonna repour now that the rain has stopped finally. The reds don't seem to have as many flies...
We have to put out fly tubs starting in late February before it even starts warming up. Here our winters are low 40s and rain for the most part. Luckily enough the fly tubs are also high magnesium which is a must out here as calcium leaches out so fast and the cows can end up dying from milk fever when their calves are born. Our fly loads are significantly reduced. If needed i also use permethrin in a pump sprayer for a quick kill, and diatomaceous earth in a walk under fly bag at a chick point.

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