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Around here we have sinkholes, but I have never had a problem with one. The old hand dug wells are what scare me. At the close of the 1800s and through the 1920s a family would live at the mouth of almost every hollow where it entered the creek. Out of the wind, a little bottom land, and an adjacent hillside for a tobacco patch and corn. Who could ask for more?
Anyway, they dug wells by hand that backfed from the creek for their water supply. Dry laid limestone walls with maybe a three foot opening at the top. They are nearly impossible to see. I had a friend who lost an 1800 lb. Percheron mare in one and never did get her out.
I have one in the yard of my house where I live now. Despite years of adding rocks and dirt it still forms a depression that returns. Plastic feed sacks by the dozen, more rock and dirt finally helped.
The skill of the old stone masons was something to see. I always regretted having to fill them in and cover them up, but worried over a lost calf or a lawsuit.

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