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Quite a few. I like simmentals, I had a show calf that was a simmental (yeah that's right no hereford, well one was a hereford). I got him from my uncle that raises everything. He graded pretty good when they slaughtered him. He just needed to be a little bigger was only 1200 to 1300.
Ellie May
P.S. Do a poll and ask how many people raise them and how many they have?
We raise Simmentals in Southeast Georgia. We currently run 32 breeding age females. My brother also raises them a few miles from my farm and he has about 45 breeding age females. All of ours are Registered Simmental, mostly black or black with a white face. There is also a fleckvieh breeder that lives nearby and he has almost 100 head of fullblood Fleckvieh Simmentals. So there are quite a few in my area. I served as president of the Georgia Simmental/Simbrah Association for two years and I know that we have over 65 current members that raise Simmental in the state. I am sure that each would average at least 20 head, so that would make it at least 1300 Simmentals in Georgia. I also know that for number of females bred by artificial insemination each year in the U.S. that Simmental ranks third behind Black and Red Angus. I hope this helped answer your question.