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What should I expect to pay for a 4 or 5 year old Black body with white head and feet Simmental bull in Texas?
Greenhorn I would say that there has been bulls sold that would fit that description over the last few years from $750.00 to $75000.00 probably averaging 2000.00 to 3000.00
Depends.. what are his bloodlines? Is he polled? Homozygous black? What are his birth weight EPD's? Is he in good condition? What's his disposition like?
I've sold this description of bull within the last six months for $2000 for a bull that had superior calves on Angus cows; and $3500 for a bull we've used in our purebred herd.
Everything they said is good information, but it also depends on if YOU like him or not.
We sell about 90-100 Simmental, Angus and F1 Simmental X Angus bulls a year in our Canoochee Forage Bull Development Center sale. Last October, we our bulls sold for an average of $1740 with the high selling bull going for $3700 and the lowest priced bull at $1200. If this bull is of any quality and throws good growthy calves that do not weigh a ton when born, then he should be worth at least $1500 and maybe as much as $2000. It would depend on how much data comes with him and how reliable it is.

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