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What type of benefits or disadvantages are there to feeding silage to cattle? Is it better then hay? What type of nutional value does it have? Should it be fed to cattle of a certian age?

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>The only experience I have with feeding silage is what I observed at my neighbor's who was a dairy man. He only fed the silage to his milking herd. On the other Q&A board, the one about health and nutrition, there is a discussion thread on silage.... there was someone answering questions there who seemed to know a lot about silage. There is one benefit that I can think of... harvesting silage saves time... storage is a bust. Feeding it is smelly, but that is just what I remember from being a kid. Now a days, they are making silage (haylage) in marshmallow bags. Certainly not as easy to handle as a bale of hay. But go to the other board and see what you think about the discussion... also, ask your county extension agent about any information he may have on silage in your area.

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The silage discussion was on the Feed Board. It was about how to make silage and the nutritional info, at least a little bit was during the course of the making silage discussion. Sorry about the misdirection. If you scroll down through more of the beginner's board and the other five Q&A boards on this site, you will find a lot of good information about feeding heifers...and why NOT to overfeed... Dunmovin has been a big help to me, and I am sure, others.

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