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We purchased cattle from a sale. We got them all a shot from the vet before leaving the sale. All of the cattle seemed to look good, but once home one cow looked sickly, and had a limp. Her nose is all cut up and rough. We have seperated her, and given her electrolytes, and a shot of penicillin. We are new at this please help.

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She may have gotten bumped around at the sale and bruised a limb.

Was this a local sale barn sale?

This cow may also be suffering from hoof rot, you would see swelling in the interdigital space (in between the toes) and around the corronary band (hair line at the tissue hoof junction) and may even have swelling up into the Fetlock joint, this should have been seen to be the vet but is treatable with an Oxitetracycline, per label directions, LA 200 is an oxitet. but there are cheeper generics out there.

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