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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Came across something that made my stomach turn this evening.

If I'd had a gun and knew how to use it I think I would have euthanased an animal myself for the first time. Everytime I've needed one put down there has always been brother, father, boyfriend, vet to do it for me.

Was driving home and passing through the little town before mine, and there was this sheep trotting along heading for the highway and the railway. I thought, thats not good so I stopped and got him turned around heading back into the quiet part of town, right along the house and paddock that I thought he came from.

Well, at first I thought he was wearing a pink eye patch, but when I got closer to him, I got all the way up and realised he had what I THINK was severe cancer eye. The whole side of his face was black with sort of disintegrating flesh and the eye itself was just a black mass about the side of a baseball. You couldnt make out eyelids, eyeball or anything. That whole side of his face was a rotting, oozing mess. It appear to be paralysed kindof cos his lip on that side was hanging right down. Keep in mind I havent ever dealt with cancer eye personally except when it is at the dot on the third eyelid stage, but I have a feeling that is what this was.

I was about to take a photo on my phone to show you guys but he took off and I didnt manage to get in front of him again.

I wish I'd been able to put him out of his misery.
A snake bite from a Copperhead here can cause the same appearance. The Vet tells me it is some virus the snake can carry in addition to the venom that can make it worse. I once saw a dog that would try to drink but the water would fall out of the side of his face. Saw a yearling heifer with all flesh on the bottom jaw rotted out.

Hopefully I never see such again.
Keren, That was a nasty sight to see huh? At least you tried to get it back where it belonged.
I once had a yellow lab that was out running one day, and had somehow gotten tangled up in something really bad.. the whole underside of her was dragging the ground (guts too). I loaded her up and took her to the vet, who ended up sewing her back up. That was about a $400 bill. All in all, that dog ended up costing me around 900 bucks total, and then it got stolen! Talk about wanting to put something out of its misery...... :mad:
Limo, it was probably the vet who stole your dog, after all, he knew it was an expensive dog. :D

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