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Twin bull calves born last Thursday. Calves both up, nursing and appearing to be doing OK. Then on Saturday morning found one that appeared to be a little groggy, weak and not nursing. We milked the mother and he drank, but he seems to be getting weaker. Temp of 102.5. We are doing everything that our vet instructs, but he isn't rallying. He will get up and stand and walk around the barn, but shows no interest in nursing. Late last night he had watery bowel movement. All suggestions are welcome. Sure would hate to loose him.

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> Keep him hydrated with milk from his mother and/or replacer. He also suggested giving him whipped eggs or pepto to tighten his stool. We have also given him electolytes. He was given antibiotic injections for the temp.

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exactly what antibiotic,what dose, how long ago, and is his temperature improving? If a drug is going to help, then you will usually get a good response within 12 to 24 hours. If not, then you need to switch...... I am not sure about the egg diet. I really don't think they have the capability or the enzymes to digest egg protein but if a vet recommended it???? who am I to say?

I never tried Pepto bismal but think it would help to sooth. Another calf scour product I like is Sul-dyo-strep solution. It has some oral antibiotic and is also soothing and goes straight to the gut.

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