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Feb 7, 2009
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We've got quite a mess......

The background: Received pairs and within a week realized a few had shipping fever or some form of pneumonia. One mother died because we didn't catch it soon enough. In our defense, The Man had previewed the cattle and selected the ones he wanted. It took the seller over a week to arrange the shipping. During that time, he said he had to replace a few due to death. I know we should have caught something then, but didn't.

Anyway, took the calf and began bottle feeding it. She had some respiratory problems and was treated with Nuflor. She wouldn't drink the entire bottle, so we tubed her and also gave her Resorb. She just wasted away after several times of "appearing better".

Another mother in a different area was found dead. Perfectly healthy. The Man did an autopsy and couldn't find anything wrong. Called the vet - Black leg. We immediately vaccinated all the cattle with Ultrabac 8. She had calved just a week or so prior. Calf was healthy and showed no signs of distress or illness. Began bottle feeding - which he clamored for. Now is depressed and won't drink an entire bottle. Having to tube him. This morning his *ahem* poop was greyish in color.

Vet is busy with clients. Any ideas?
Calf span boluses, a good med like nuflor, excenel, trivetrin and banamine or predef also buy real electrolytes..Follow directions until scours clear up DO NOT stop feeding milk just do smaller amounts more frequently.

Get you vet out asap as it sounds like you just bought a train wreck..

Good luck and OI hope you get it under control.
Thanks for responding HD. Train wreck is right! If it's not one thing.....

We had some calf bolis' and we did treat with them. Talked to the vet and he said some penicillin wouldn't hurt either.

Is there a lemon law for cattle?
TC Cattle":agkw28x6 said:
Is there a lemon law for cattle?

Not unless you bought them with some form of a guarantee by/from the breeder/supplier. Otherwise its the standard "caveat emptor".

Hillsdown gave some good advice.

In the meantime, any cows that may 'look' off or 'coming down with something' I'd get them separated from the rest, it may be too late anyhow for that.

Good luck with the calf and with the rest of the cows.

Thanks Katherine......yeah, I was only joking about the lemon law.

Calf seemed to be better last night and this morning. Gave him Nuflor, electrolytes and penicillian. We were already feeding less more frequently, simply because that's all he would eat. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Thanks for the reply.

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