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Hi, Can anyone diagnose the problem with our heiffer. She's an Angus about 12 months old. Yesterday (Saturday) She just lay down in the paddock. When we reached her she was on a hill with her head pointing downhill, she had a white foam (tinged with green) coming from her nose. We administered a 4 in 1 drip, by inserting a syringe in the skin under her neck. We gave her 350ml over about 45 minutes. She didn't respond, so we got her up to our hay shed and propped her up into a sitting position. She ate a little hay and drank quite a lot of water, she seems to be alert as far as eye movement and moves her ears when we enter the barn. We've been giving her water all day which she drinks willingly. She still can't stand up and just lies with her head tucked into her side. Her breathing is regular although a little shallow. She seems extremely tired. Be glad to hear of any ideas as to what may be wrong with her and how we can help. I have consulted the vet who told me he didn't think he could do anything for her!

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