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Jan 14, 2009
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I am new here and have had one mell of a hess trying to figure out what is going on with my cow. Please help if you can.

To start, about november 19 I sent my cow (Rosie, 22 months old, Red Limousine) off to be AI'ed. When she returned she was not looking of feeling well. Was not eating, drinking and laid down all the time for about 1 - 2 weeks. Chalked it up to fist time AI and stress. She started doing better through the holidays but has within the last week + gone down again sick.

Mucus from nose.
Not eating.
Runny (very runny) poo
Bleeding from vulva after pooping (3 days)
Laying down alot.
Not grazing
hunching back when poo'ing then looks like she is cramping during

Have a buddy that raise cows and he is telling me she is not bred, the AI did not take, she came back in heat and has something like a cold. Whether this is true or not is beyond me. I suppose I am looking for conformation here.

My GF took Rosie to the vet Monday and the vet was in a hurry, didnt look at her very long. Gave her a shot in case it was bacterial and said if it was viral, it would just have to run its course.

If a cow is bred, AI'ed or live cover, and becomes pregnant then loses the fetus early on will the cows body expell the unborn or re-absorb it back into the cow system.

Now a confident cow guy but trying like heck to understand.

Thank you for any constructive comments. Please no blasting me with, "Your stupid"! Comments. (me not you)
I'm not sure, but it sounds to me that you should find a different vet. You should also take it's temp. and post that too, so people who have more experience than I could offer you some better advise.
you took her to the vet...Good for you and your GF.
That was the first step.
Now are you on a vaccination program for BVD, IBR etc?
Was this cow mixed in with cows that are not on a vaccination program

I ask because it looks like stress triggered something and BVD, if she has it, gets triggered with stress. Often Pnemonia is the end result of the stress and BVD or IBR. So you might do good to contact the vet and ask about this.
If she was bred and did take, and the calf lives, you will more than likely have a PI calf.
Contact the vet, about continueing treating for pnemonia, more than one shot is likely needed as well as some non steriod antin inflam.
Good luck and keep us posted

Thanks RR

She was mixed with other cows when she went for AI. The man we got her from came and took her for us, (Great guy). He took her with a few of his own cows that she was in a herd with before we got her. I do not know how clean the facilities were but he has used the same AI guy for many years with no problems.

found old text from GF about Vet visit.

Gave rosie a shot of Banamine to reduce cramping, and four sulpha based antibiotic boluses. This was all she recieved.
Vet did a fecal culture and found nothing. No temp info given. No Blood work was done.
Frequenlty a cow that has a fever or serious stress won;t settle. When she went on her vacatoin was there a big change in her diet, i.e. grasss hay to alfalfa, grain to no grain, etc.? Rapid diet changes can cause digestive problems. I would get her temp and determine if there may be a problem of some type. Is she alone or with other cows now? Seems like every queston just brings on more questions doesn;t it?
what dun said, and brings me to my first question
What is her vaccination schedule like?

To add what dun was talking about, a friend of ours custome feeds cows. The cows he is custom feeding will not eat what what is put out. they are use to grass/alfalfa hay. He puts out corn silage. A long time farmer says it takes 28 days for a cow to accept and adjust to a new dietand that the two diets should be mixed for a while before a complete change happens. Imagine that puts alot of stress on a cow.
Add in a new enviroment, new people, gettting poked...
She is alone right now and has been for a year now. Cant get close enough to that side of the cow to get the temperature. ( in earlier post)

She was or looked sick when she returned from the AI in November then get back to her old self within a couple of weeks with no vet visit. Now after a month later she is down again with what looks like the same symptoms. I dont know what her feed was like at AI and the gentleman that took her for us has had no problems with his cows that she was with at the time.

Thanks for the post BTW
We have had her since February of last year. She came with all the needed shots from the vet and the gentleman we got her from had her polled.
So to answer your question I would have to say, I do not know what She has been vac's for. This is the first time she has been to the vet for anything since we have had her. Ignorance on my part I suppose.
Will do that right after work. Clla up the original owner that we got her from and ask exactly what vac's Rosie has had prior to her coming to us.

Thank you for your posts.
Who AI'd her? Are you sure they didn't accidentally perforate her when the did it ? I have heard of it happening especially with over zealous techs and heifers.

You need to get a temp as well, throw a rope around her and tie her to a tree if you have to.
Yes I know the place that did the AI, and I will have to have a vet look at her to see if she had been perforated I suppose right?

I've had a tussle or two with 700-750lbs mustangs before on foot but Im not sure about a 950-1100 lbs Hef. Guess I need to get the GF out with me and bring the video camera, to record the butt kickin' Im going to get, for others to laugh uncontrollably at.
If she is as sick as you say it will not be hard at all. If you can make a make shift chute with two panels at a V and put her in there. Grab hold of the tail and raise it up so she won't kick and stick the thermometer up her but. It will take two of you but it can be done. The reason we are so adamant about temp is if it is high or low it gives you a better idea of what you are dealing with. Either way if she were mine I would have her on meds and an antimflamatory preferably one that stimulates the appetite.

As far as a perforation from the AI gun I don't really know what to do then , probably antibiotics and hopefully it will heal.

The hunched up may be many different things including hardware.
My GF and I were thinking it could be something to do with her hardware. Everything was good untill the AI try, since then lots of fluxuation in health.

I have a round pen set up and we use other panels to funnel her into it when we need to load for travel(vet). I will get her in the pen then use some of the other panels to make a shute like you mentioned. With me luck all.

HD thanks for the posts.

Still getting the video camera ready cause this is going to need to be seen buy others....

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