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Dec 12, 2008
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I have a 300 pound steer, Holstein, and I have noticed lately that he has very loose stools. They have not been vaccainated. At feeding time he goes to the dock but does not eat alot. He is alert and does not seem depressed. He was banded awhile back and is in the final stages of castration. The runs started shortly after introducing a bucket calf which was bought at a sale barn. How do I address the runs and should I vaccainate him against BVD or other viruses. I have given him antibotics the last couple of days but it does not seem to be helping.
What kind of band did you use ? Has the bag fallen off ? Get a thermometer in him and see what you have .

Should have already been vaccinated... BUT, since he hasnt.... What kind of antibiotics are you giving him now?
Also, what are you feeding him when he comes up to the dock?
I don't know what kind of band was use, a dairy farmer did this for me. But the bag is real close to falling off. As far as the antibotics, I'm using pencellian. Are calves required to be vaccainated before they are sold in a sale barn. Also as far as the banding, the steer has what I believe is a fluid sack near his penis. The vet told me not to worry about this, that it was normal for fluid to accumlate here when they are banded.
As far as feed. I have two steers approximately the same weight, 300 pounds. They are fed 6 pounds a day 3 in morning 3 in evening. The feed consists of whold corn, sweet feed, and finisher pellets.
Get a temp. and call your vet. Your going to need drugs for that steer that only he can get you. Don't go down to the feed store and buy what they have. Get a vet, before it's to late.
Toby, you have learned fast. Good.
I would be concerned about the fluid near the penis. It is most likely infection. Call the vet and get the good antibotics.
I would keep up with the penicillin, it cant hurt, and get a temp and a fecal sample to your vet so he can check for parasites.
baxter78":3sxyxbgh said:
VtMapleGal":3sxyxbgh said:
I would keep up with the penicillin, it cant hurt, and get a temp and a fecal sample to your vet so he can check for parasites.

About the only thing pen works on is pinkeye and it dont even do good on that unless you give it directly in the gland in the eye lid.

How about checking your facts prior to posting, baxter/TCM? I'm getting tired of correcting your posts.

Depending on whether or not penicillin has been overused/misused on a particular ranch, as well as whether or not the owner gives the proper dose (nowdays you're standardly looking at 5mL/100lbs for penicillin), it may or may not be a useful drug. I picked up a load of calves last summer that even gentamycin and Draxxin wouldn't touch... but I've also bought calves from a farm that can use LA200 and penicillin for everything from mastitis to scours to uterine infections and footrot, and the critters respond.

Have to know what type of "bug" you're dealing with and what the treatment history on your animals is, but under good management there's no reason the standard over-the-counter antibiotics won't work on most problems.
Still need a temp . I would cut that bag the rest of the way off . Continue with the pen, as MM states at least 5ml per100, if there is swelling into the sheath . Does he walk stiff like ?


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