Sick charolais steer

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I bought a sick charolais steer at an auction last sat.that weighs about 450-500 lbs.His breathing is quite rapid and labored and he coughs.Sometimes he has a clear and sometimes white snot.Sometimes i hear a gurglng sound from what i think is his stomache.Last sat.I gave him 10 ccs of LA-200.The next shot i gave 15ccs then the last 2 shots 20 ccs.He showed no improvement with the LA-200 so i tried nuflor.The dosage is 6 ccs under the skin or 3 ccs in the muscle.We gave him 30ccs under the skin and for about 12 hours he seemed to be a lot better...all the snot cleared up,his breathing got better,drank almost all his water and ate some feed.Than after that he started hanging his head down and hisbreathing and everthing seemed to get worse...i waited 2 days than gave him 15 ccs of nuflor in the muscle,since i heard that was a speedier treatment.He really shows no improvement other than the snot dried up. Is there any thing else i can do? He does not eat much and his breathing sounds really bad.I am afraid im running out of time. Sorry about the epic proportions of this message!!! Please help!!!

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