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Has anyone had this with their cattle?? I have had 2 cows in 2 weeks with this. Her temp is 107,body looks sunken in like she has dropped 100 lbs. in 1 day. Eats fairly well, but really looks sick and lies down, when getting up is really stiff, as if she has sore feet. We had the vet treat the first cow with vit.c and SL5 his special med. then we treated her for 2 more days. After the first treatment her temp was normal.She seems fine now. yesterday the 2nd cow has been the same way, except really stiff, on her back legs. after her 2nd shots tonight she is almost normal. So tonight a 3mo. old heifer is 106.5 not nursing or eating, we treated her, hopfully she will be better in the a.m. We have had so much rain alot of mud now and surface water lying everywhere, plus we get alot of run off the fields that farmers spray their crops with-nasty chemicals, what ever they may be.The vet says they would not run that high of temp w/ poisoning. Any help would be appreciated. Cowgirl

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Fescue toxicity is what it sounds like to me also.


> Are you grazing tall fescue?Type
> in (fecue foot)on yahoo.I bet you
> will recognize some of the
> symptoms.

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