sick calves with bulging eyes

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I have lost 4 calves this last 2 mo. they have dark diarrhea for a week and then red and bulging eyes, and dehydration I think it might be a virus. Has anybody ever heard of this before.

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I also have a sick calf, two weeks old approximately. It was down in the pasture, we took it in, found it had
a really bad case of bot fly, got it deinfested best we could, vet gave it batril antibiotic injectable/10 day course. This is day 5, he no longer even
wants to try to stand up with us holding him. And his eyes are bulging. Bowel movements are still normal and firm.
I think it is some kind of muscle wasting disease brought on by the bot fly. I've researched it on the internet but
can't nail it down. One recommendation was Vitamin E and sellenium supplement for muscle degeneration.
I don't know.
The dark ( possibly black )diahrrea might suggest possible blood in the poop from deep inside the bowel, although molasses in the feed can cause dark poop, without blood being present.
The bulging red eyes, don't know unless that is possibly a side effect of dehydration,and/ or straining to poop....
any thoughts out there?
possible poisoning ??

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