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Mar 16, 2004
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had to pull a calf yesterday{ my first } .....calf was upsidedown and rear feet first. Moma udders are to large for little guy she is what gramp calls a bottle tit cow anyway .... i feed calf bottle of colustrum this morning got about two and half pints down her she still hasnt gotten up and now seem to be a lot weaker. The calf also seem to be having a hard time breathing her breath is fast and shallow.any sugestion on what to do next really nice looking heifer ........ thanks
Personally, I would send both down the road. Udder problems are hereditary and we all as breeders, whether large, small, full-time, or hobby, need to be producing animals that can produce QUALITY. Back when we first got into registered stock, we probably had about 5 or 6 cows with bad udders. We do not even have anything with those bloodlines anymore, we lost calves due to bad udders.

The udders will not get any better, only worse.
the calf may have some pneumonia like respiratory problems resulting from being upside down and backwards and probably inhaling fluid at some point. keep trying..
I agree about teat problems only getting worse.

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