sick 4 mth old calf

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Feb 1, 2004
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horn lake,ms(north ms)
i have a 4 month old angus bull calf that lost his mother when he was born. we bottlefed him,got him thru a scours episode twice and just generally took care of him like we were supposed to do. we just got him off the bottle a couple of weeks ago cause he was eating grain real good and grazing grass and hay. he was doing real well . we let him out in the pasture with a couple heifers. he wasnt real social, kinda stayed by himself but was doing fine. in the last couple of days he has taken a turn for the worse. scours have come back and just not eating well. he seems real weak. sometimes it seems like he cant get up and walk real well. i put him in the catch pen with feed and water to watch him closer. we are giving him some scour pills and i wormed him. is hter anything else i should do. should i give him a shot of la 200. i guess that was my main question, if i should give him a shot or anything i should do.

thanks tommy
You need to get this calf hydrated first off. Buy some RESORB and bottle feed it to him. Have you given him any kopectate ( Pink milk looking med). It will coat his stomach. Have a vet run a fecal sample for you to see what your dealing with, if anything. Has the calf been drinking enough water? you could try B12 shot?? LA 200 wont kill him but may not help him either. Sometimes you can try everything and nothing will work.
Good luck

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