Sick 4 month old dairy calf

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Jun 1, 2009
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I have a sick dairy calf, he is scouring, dehydrated, blind, fever, labored breathing. Im not sure what is wrong with him, two days ago we noticed his right eye was partially closed. Then last night he was stumbling around, and wouldn't eat or drink.
If it's a holstein heifer I would call the vet and start hooking up the trailer is necessary. If it's a holstein bull calf it probably ain't worth the effort.
Pneumonia? Have you checked it's temp or listened to it's lungs?
anyone else get the feeling this is a troll? I dunno, just seems a bit suspicious that almost everything that can go wrong with a calf, is wrong with this calf

to the original poster, if I'm wrong, sincerely sorry. Follow the aforementioned advice :D
Yotecreek sez its a male dairy breed. I don't see the point in hauling it.
it definitely has the deck stacked against it. The calf has advanced pneumonia IMO. Antibiotics and tubed electrolytes might save it.

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