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Jul 21, 2004
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Southwest FL
Im new at this, and ive just started using the show stick on my heifer. She enjoys it. But everytime i scratch her with it, her tail head starts to rise, almost like shes about to go to the bathroom, but she doesnt. I think that when the calfs are standing in the showring there toplines are supposed to stay straight. Im really not sure. :?:
Thanks for any help.
where do you scratch her at? with my heifer i run it across her belly and sometimes when i am in the showring i scratch her near her tail on her back but that is only when her back is not straight. yes, you want the topline to be as straight as possible when in the showring, or at least that is what i was taught.
If her tail head goes up you may be too forceful on her belly w/ the show stick. Or she really likes to be scratched.
That means she's enjoying it!

If you want to keep the tail head down, you'll need to find a different spot to use the stick. Try between the front legs, or in front of the navel
Just keep your stick where you are using it. Just run it along the top of the tail when she raises it. Put a little push when you get to the tail, and they usually put it back down. That is how I have seen the big fitters do it, and how I do it.

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