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My daughter just got a 7 Month old Brangus Heifer. This is our first year to show. What do we do? It headbutts when not tied. Where do you get informational information about showing, trimming, etc...?? HELP!!!!!!!!!

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You will have to modify behavior. I am a "bull tamer", I use " touch" to calm the animals. Scratch the tail head when you approach the animal, never touch the head unless you are going to lead and work the animal. But first you must gain its trust.

Halter breaking should be done in very short sessions. Use the push pull method with a rope around the butt, pull the lead rope, then pull the butt rope... soon enough it will lead. Some people will tie an animal to let it break its self to the halther, but they can hurt themselves and can break plenty of stalls.TLC tender loving Care, will create the greatest chance at a true Champion, regardless of breed. Then feed to finish and learn to trim feet and coat to breed standard.

The reward for showing is being there, not necessarily to win. Only one winner in a show ring, but many dreams and skills will result for the youth who works toward showing and grooming a Champion.

You can come for a visit, ride our bulls and see our vision on Blue Ox Farms. contact us with your questions, we'll attempt to help.

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