should i be woried

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My show calf is in a stable with a calf who has an active out break of warts. is there any thing i can do???
If they are in fact warts, remove your calf from the other one. They tend to be contageous.

There are also "mechanical" abrasions (according to a lab we sent specimens to) that can cause a growth that looks like a wort--we had one incident and after lab testing of the "growths" the results came back negative for any wart viruses.
what if they have been together since birth and this one still shows no sighn of warts?
Curious why does seperating them worry you . RAB gave you some good advice, if your going to stay in the cattle business, you can't become attached and profitable.
Separate them! Some vets will not approve health certs. on calves with warts. I have missed our State Fair because of warts before and would hate to see anyone else have to go through the same thing