Shots in the neck.

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Jan 4, 2016
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There's no reason to give a cow a shot anywhere besides in the neck. The only exception is for a nerve block for ET work. Then the shot goes into the tail head between the second and third tail joint. Flushing a cow takes time, about 15 minutes and that's to long to be in a cow without numbing her up. You also need to numb a cow to implant the embryo, it's very important to put the embryo in the right horn. And this takes time to figure out and can be uncomfortable for the cow.
Gonna guess this is a spin off of Lute thread.
I never give repro drugs in the neck, always hip 1 1/2 inch needle to get deep in the muscle.
Went to a special deal where the had cut calves open with vaccines to see what it did to the meat, there is a reason for BQA on vaccines it sits there rotting the flesh until absorbed.
Even vet that put this on said repro drugs are half life drugs meaning there absorbed immediately so there's no rotting of the flesh.
I'm sure this will get lots of opinions, for me it's the hip for repro, everything else goes in the neck.
The numbing shots for flushing or ET are epidural. Usually, lidocaine. Given between the vertebra in the caudal area of the spine.

Edited to add: hormones behave differently in tissue than say LA 300 injections.
In regard to the needle that bse brought up. Inch and a half is what the vets recommend and some use a 20 ga needle to avoid leakage.
I not only give my synchrony shots in the neck......

I give them sub Q....

still works because as stated above they are quickly absorbed...
pdfangus":3by0ddw0 said:
I not only give my synchrony shots in the neck......

I give them sub Q....

still works because as stated above they are quickly absorbed...

I looked at several PDF files on manufacturer's sheets for several GnRH and Prostaglandin registered brands. Each one stated :Intramuscular. None stated where on the body the injection should be.
Go look at vaccine labels and antibiotic labels. Bet you won't find many that specify where the shot should be given other than IM or SQ... You're supposed to know where to give shots...
I don't care what you're giving them. If you give one hundred head 1cc of saline solution one of them will will have a reaction. Why run the risk when it's so simple to just do it in the neck?
I can think of a couple.

1. You think the work you're doing is more important than what is deemed appropriate for the industry.

2. You don't care.

3. You're too lazy to go to the head of the cow.

4. You don't care.
I am treading lightly here. Been banned twice. I don't whine about it or blame anyone. But I would rather avoid a third. There is no point in making this personal.

CP: I agree with your concept of avoiding the risk. I have no problem administering GnRH or Prostaglandins in the neck. But many accomplished vets/embryologist - in fact, every ET I have observed and preparation for flushing, or sychonazation for AI - the vet/embryologist has administered intramuscularly in the posterior. Some in the muscle of the pelvis and some in the muscle behind the thigh.
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