Shots before starting anAI protocol

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Apr 28, 2014
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This year we are following the advice of a local breeder and our vets. Gave an injectable wormer and Multi Min before start of protocol. We keep out Concept Aid year round. We don't give any live virus vaccinations on vet advice.
Is your injectable wormer new for this year? I switched to injectable this year on vet advise since worms were getting resistant to previous wormer. I have not used Multi Min but heard it does help get cows cycling. I have not used live vac since vet informed me that it delays cows cycling. some years AI conception rate is great and some years not so much. hope yours turns out good with the new changes.
I do nothing with mine other than give them a bit of support with feed over winter to ensure they keep growing to be ideal weight and condition in early spring. I also give two killed BVD shots starting soon after winter to hopefully have them protected well prior to breeding. I am usually happy with how they look.


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