Shorthorns at Agribition

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Hi all

Just wondering if someone has a photo of the grand champion Shorthorn female at Agribition, Alta Cedar Silver Maisie 59S with her calf at foot, Alta Cedar Perfect Storm 11U.

Try as I might I just can't find one!!

I'd also be interested to see any other pics people may have from the Shorthorn judging.


I went to see AltaCedar a couple years ago.. for that matter I still have his brochure in my truck, I'd be interested in seeing his new stock.. we considered getting a bull from him.. maybe the next one will be ... 7749_sXCVg Go to picture 42

my personal preference for the colouring is the one in the forground... he's pretty nice
If you want an Alta Cedar bull I'd recommend Signature 119N. We have a very good son here whom we sold earlier this year.
I also hear there is a very good bull calf on the ground out of Signatures mother.

Here is a pic of our bull before we sold him. I will try and find his show pic.

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