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Feb 14, 2005
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Gilroy, California - The Dam End of the Santa Cla
Owners can’t give them away-They Shoot Horses
Since Congress assed the first wild-horse-and-burro laws in 1971, national policy on wild horses – which mostly roam land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, with half of the total in Nevada – has gotten crazier and crazier.

This year, BLM estimated there are 29,500 wild horses on public lands. Since 2001, BLM has had to remove 74,000 from public lands, but was able to sell or find adoption buyers for only 46,400. The leftover 30,000 horses are in “holding facilities,” meaning there are more “wild” horses in pens than in the “wild.” BLM’s bill for holding these animals is expected to hit over $30 million this year alone, thanks at least in part to feed costs.

That means taxpayers are now paying a grand a year to warehouse animals that BLM can’t sell for a measly $125 “adoption fee” – that gets you a healthy horse with all its shots. When policy is driven by those emotionally unable to understand that good intentions don’t always lead to good outcomes.
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That's our government hard at work...blowing our money! ...and keeping horses in pens? Why I believe that is animal abuse. :lol2: They should be "free range" according to Oprah and her PETA friends. I just can't believe our government would condone animal abuse and support it with our freely flowing tax dollars :roll: :roll:
I am from Nevada and visited the holding pens. If you love horses it will break your heart.

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