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My apologies for an off topic question, but I'm new at this.

I wish to intensive graze a "flerd" and want to use the Barbado sheep commonly found in Texas along side cattle. What breed of ram should I use for F1's from the Barbado ewe's? I'd like to get some hybred vigor and a lamb that will go atleast 80-90 lbs across the scales. How many ewe's can a ram service reliably? I can't afford Dorpers, but am open to any suggestions. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Ok, I rarely do sheep (they're called wolf bait here for good reason...) but I'll try to help. I am in Canada, so much of what you ask is really outside my experience. (there are mostly suffolk, some dorsets and the odd rambouillet. I've even worked on Jacob sheep.) The ram to ewe ratio varies with nutrition, breed and age of animal. Many flocks seem to run 1 ram per 15 ewes with a tight lambing season or 1 to 25 with a wider one. One flock in this area is doing ET and AI but that is through the Veterinary College. I'd recommend you contact local sheep associations or A&M and find out their recommendations. Sorry I can't help more! V PS I'd really keep the pastures in good shape, because sheep will really overgraze! Also nematode, trematode and cestode treatment!! Some of these worms will affect your cattle. (liver flukes, tapeworms and certain intestinal worms....)

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