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Feb 6, 2009
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We live in Central oklahoma This week has been abnormally warm mid 60's. Should we have fans on her during the day. Yesterday was the 1st day that we noticed shedding.
Thanks for any advice.
yes, especially if it's warmer than normal. We put fans on when it's 45-50* b/c they are used to much colder temps and they sweat. We don't put it right on them necessarily, but somewhere close.
I'd keep the fan on them since you know its going to probably cool off again soon. Might want to keep them brushed out too so they stay loking clean and stimulate the hair to grow.
ive got lots of experiance with this shedding issue[living in florida and all]. keep fans on them all day. keep them in their stall with those fans all day. at night you can let them out then when you feed in the morning put them back in there. make sure there not rubbing on anything. since our barn is tin my one heifer bent a peice up and rubbed herself on it shaving off a large patch on her back.