sharpening scissors?

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Jul 5, 2012
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Copperas Cove Tx
I can sharpen just about any knife, ax, hatchet, garden shears, tin snips, even drill bits but I've never been able to sharpen a pair of household scissors.
How do you do it?
You have to open them up...keep one side open...lock the other side down and wet stone edge to perfection, last step is to do one quick and final stone sweep against the flat end (top to handle). I've done sissors with moderate success....but look at the cutting angle blade surface carefully most have slight ridges...i guess to either help capture material or divert material away. Once you start stoning them you wear down those surface ridges and it never cuts as well as new.
For best cuts...blades need to be straight and tight to each other...warped blades and/or no method to tighten the two blades together...throw them away.

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