Shampoo vs. Dishsoap

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Apr 23, 2009
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When I first started showing, we always used dishsoap like Joy and Dawn for washing show calves, which I only used maybe once a week. A couple years ago, I bought Tres Semme moisturizing shampoo for washing, and I found the hair is much softer, longer, and easier to manage. I have been using this only on Red Angus, and was curious if anyone else uses human shampoo on their calves and if they have found the same results? The neighbor girl is getting into showing and wants me to help her, and before I tell her about shampoo, I want to make sure it has worked for others.
Cowboy 2.0":29qpsvs9 said:
I always used dishsoap up until i bought a eq solutions foamer.
Do you like it? We used it at my internship on the show calves and it never seemed to get them real clean, could have been the boys washing job tho...
My husband always used dish soap when he showed calves 15+ years ago.

Since our kids are showing I won't let him use dish soap on the calves. Dish soap is designed to trap and strip oil / fat and it is also designed to be used with hot water. We use Clear Choice shampoo with an Ezall foamer. The clear choice shampoo works well with cold water and it doesn't seem to strip the hair of the natural oil like dish soap does. It also seems to rinse out well with cold water. Some friends of ours use Suave for shampoo and conditioner and swear by it because it is cheap and doesn't dry the hair out.
I usually start with dishsoap for their first few washings because it is cheaper and I am not worried about using alot of it to get them clean to start with. Moistuizing shampoo will make the hair more managable and shiny but I started using the EZ ALL washing system last year and really like it for their bodies. It's quick and so leaves more time for clipping, showing practice, etc. You still need to use shampoo to hand wash the head and tail.
I mainly use the foamer for application of the soap, i still scrub the calves before i rinse. Dish soap helps on legs on showday because the hair needs to be stripped. Oil and glue dont mix.
We go for cheap. Usually buy a gallon jug of shampoo at Costco, walmart or Sally's.
one warning. we make sure that there is NO conditioner in what ever we use on show day. IF it is a fit show.
We've always had a more difficult time with glue when the hair has been conditioed on show day.
I use Wisk laundry detergent most of the time, medicated shampoo or a vinegar rinse for dandruff if necessary, dish soap for white animals, and V05 conditioner for tails (costs like 95 cents and works really well). Never tried actual shampoo.
When they have been in the cooler pretty regular i will take a bottle of mane and tail conditioner and mix about a quarter of the bottle into a 5 gallon bucket of water and mix it up. start at the neck and go all the way to their butt and dunk them. keeps hair managable and sticks on them unlike water which runs off AND it grows hair.
normally i use EZALL btu i do use conditioner on the occasion. normally at fairs to add a shine. but on the legs i always use dawn to strip all the goil out so their legs look better
I was a huge orvus fan, now only use EZall product.
Cut washing time way down and the best thing is you don't have to scrub :D For us its way worth the price tag.
We still use main and tail rinse.
splinter ridge farm":36f61ou3 said:
Is Orvus ever used anymore?
Quite a few people still use it around here. I've actually never heard of EZALL...I'm guessing it is similar?
Ez ALL is a foaming system that hooks up to your garden hose--spray on, spray off. I scrub by hand before rinsing. Try to see more