Serving in the Military

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I have second cousins serving with 1st. Cav.
To old to be there myself. If I graded as beef
I would be well passed my PRIME. My service
was in the jungle.
My youngest cousin is a Marine that is in the US now but a year ago was on one of the aircraft carriers in the mid-east (I think he is a Harrier mechanic). Have another cousin whose oldest daughter is also in the US now but a year ago was an Army medic (or something similar) stationed near the Kuwaiti-Iraq border -- said she saw a lot of "really bad stuff".
My son is in the Infantry with the 39th Brigade Combat Team (Arkansas Brigade) in Baghdad, attached to the First Cavalry. I was in for 21 years and some change as a medic between the Navy and the Army Reserve. I was active during Nam and Desert Storm.
I have a cousin in the Air Force. Havn't heard anything from him for a while so not sure where he's at right now.
even the ones of us who don't have family over there, we need to show our suppport for all of our brave troops, where it be showing our support on this web site, talking to our politicians, or simply voicing our support at the coffe shop or feed store. our brave fighting men and women deserve our support, because they are over there fighting for us, defending our nation, trying to stomp out terrorist activities which we all know, if given another chance, would try another terorist attack that would make 911 seem like a sunday afternoon picnic. i wish every member of our national news media would have to travel with our soldiers for a month, sleep on the ground with them at night, eat a quick MRE when given the chance, go for days without a bath or shower, and duck bullets and mortars. maybe our media would then have a different perspective on the way they report the war. my hat comes off to every soldier, sailor, airman marine and everyone i forgot to mention. they are the ones who are making it safe for us to go to bed each night. as for each of you who has a relative over there fighting, i take my hat off to each of you, for you are also to be commended for all the sleepless nights and worrysome days you have to go through thinking and worrying about your loved ones.
My husband's in the Texas Army Nat'l Guard after serving 9 years in the Navy. His civilian job is also with the Nat'l guard, so he gets it coming and going. He just returned home from a 9 mo tour over in Bosnia-Herzgovina and tonight is on flood duty in College least he's close to home!

Word out there is that they're thinking of calling up 4500 Texas Nat'l Guardsman for duty in Iraq......after the last 9 mos, I could do without that particular call up, but know that if it happens, he'll go, and be proud to do so.

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