September 11

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The price of freedom comes at a great cost and responsibilty no matter the enemy foriegn or domestic.

To all the troops who have paid the ultimate price and families for the souls placed at the alter of freedom.

We can never repay this debt and only offer a humble and grateful thank you to our servicemen and women from past and present wars.

God Bless our servicemen and families.
Friend of mine sent me this. You may have to type in to see the video. It is hard to watch. Not for everyone and does have political overtones.
I wish I could say enjoy the video. But you will not enjoy it but may well cry.
Part of the e-mail...

"Those of us who have worn the military uniform of our nation, putting ourselves in harms way so our sons and daughters would not have to, know the pain and the tragedy of war.
But we are in a war now that involves everyone. There is no use hiding it. Even if you don't wear a uniform, this is your fight. If not, those who follow after you will not know the freedoms your fathers bought for you with their lives, their liberty and their futures. All gave some, some gave all.
These photos may be hard to look at, now, but deal with it. This is the way the world is, until we have stopped the enemy who intends to bury us, and your children." ... /911-.html

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