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I don't have any but I have done a bit of reading about them. I believe they originated on one of the islands in the Caribbean or some other island where real hot weather was common. They supposedly can stand the heat as well as Brahmans, but I don't know about their tolerance of the combination of heat and humidity, insects & parasites. They are red, normal sized ears, good disposition and apparently have better carcass qualities than pure Brahman. It would seem logical that there would be some breeder interest in Florida and other Gulf Coast states. I know that the R. A. Brown ranch in Throckmorten, Texas is using them as 25% of a new composite animal they are trying to develop (called the Hotlander) along with a mixture of Simmental, Brahma and Red Angus. I think that Brown keeps a purebred herd of Senepol for use in the composite building. If you are interested in Senepol and can't find any good information closer to home you may want to visit their website. Arnold Ziffle
Supposedly the largest breeder in the US is down here in Florida, but reading what a breeder says about his own animals is very seldom completely accurate. Just curious. It would seem to be an interesting cross with Angus (Senegus)
I know what you mean about objectivity! Sort of like purebred bull raisers I've met --- never met one that did not tell me something like "his calves are all born small but they grow real fast".

Anyway, the Brown ranch definitely has the Senegus and they have a separate section on them under Breeds on their website. They may or may not be a little more objective than the outfit you referred to in Florida regarding Senepol. I've sort of been following the development of the Hotlander as a possible substitute for Beefmaster, tigerstripes, etc. in my neck of the woods. Regards, A.Z.
The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture here in OK has been doing some research with Senapols. They have a website, but I don't have a link. Sorry....
A few coming in Australia. They'll be popular like all new breeds,the money grabbers will get them promote them make big money then get out of them. The same happened with Simmental,Salers and to some degree Charolais.
Senepol look OK the ones I've seen. To me they are no better than Belmont Reds and Bonsmara (They look very similar to them)
Some Angus breeders are using them and some South Devon as well. They would achieve more using Brahman.
They have a thin coat, fine bone, cant take cold weather and are smaller cattle. They do milk pretty good, have small calves.
Down here in Alabama Swanee Carver, Swanee's Senepol Farm has been doing independent research with different crosses, He knows as much about senepols as anyone I think, He is in Snead AL if you want to get his number and give him a call
the n"dama cattle from africa X red poll=senapoll they are bos turas and suposely from what ive read on them.they have a little better heat and insect tolerance than the brama~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tc