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Arnold Ziffle

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Dec 30, 2003
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southwest of Houston, Texas
Good grief, I'm about ready for a hint of fall. It was a muggy 94 degrees yesterday here in Houston, with the morning low being 79 degrees, with more of the same predicted for at least a few more days. I guess I should be happy that this warm weather keeps the bermuda grass growing, but I'm tired of sweating with every little physical exertion. Goose hunting season starts very soon and gun season for deer hunting starts in early Nov. -- its a little hard to get into the hunting spirit with this weather! In a wierd way, I guess I sort of envy those folks that I saw on TV last night, all bundled up against the cold in Yankee stadium. Go Astros!
Here's some cool weather for you, A.Z. We got a pretty big dump of the white stuff and the kids enjoyed yesterday's school bus cancellations that were the result. We got almost a foot and a half of snow in two days - ugh! Minus twenty Celcius this a.m.

Hope the picture comes through this time...
Can you believe they're forecasting rain for Monday and Tuesday?

Take care. Darn Photobucket! Just won't show the image...any ideas why?


Trying again to post that image....
Sunday we set a record high for the date. Yesterday and today the lows have been in the low 50s, high in low 50's, cloudy miserable and gloomy. Feels like I'm back in Seattle

I don't feel like I am in Seattle because I am not stuck in a traffic jam (which happens every time I have to go there). But I do get the same weather, actually about 50% wetter at my place. The highs have been in the mid 50's the lows in the high 40's. The sun is out today for the first time since last Friday. Not hard rain, just steady drizzle. Our rifle deer season oppened last Saturday. It felt it should have been elk season (Nov) hard rain, wind, clouds blowing in and out making difficult to see. I am looking forward to spring already.
Daytime temps up here the last few days have been just above freezing. We had snow 'flurries' (up here at this time of year that is known as the 'F' word.) this morning and they are calling for a little heavier snow for Friday. Good Luck.
Testing again....

I'm having difficulty with my images from Photobucket, so I'm just trying a test run on here. Anyone else experiencing any trouble with it?

Take care.


Well, still no luck. Frustrating. I've got the
at the end of it and it still won't link the image. Grrrrrr. :x [/img]
Shows up fine for me. But now I have to go turn the heater on. BRRRRR, that pic makes me cold
I guess I won't whine to much about the rain we're having that's screwing up my plans. When my family moved from WI to WA my dad said it was because you don't have to shovel rain.

Whoa there Dun. You can see the image I'm trying to post??? It isn't showing up here for me, so I can't tell if it's working or not. Please let me know, okay?

Thanks and take care.
CattleAnnie":2lnlib5h said:
Whoa there Dun. You can see the image I'm trying to post??? It isn't showing up here for me, so I can't tell if it's working or not. Please let me know, okay?

Thanks and take care.

A bunch of round bales covered it snow, right?

Picture came thru fine Cattle Annie. I'm already whimpering about the cool bite at night, but after seeing what you have to deal with.... I'll just add another layer of clothes and shut up.
Nope...although the kids have alot of fun making snowforts in the winter.

Not as many bales in that spot now since the snow though. Feeding ten a day until yesterday when we shipped the steers and cull cows. Plus two every other day for the weaned replacement heifer calves and one every other day for the hayburning horses.

Still need to haul another 800 or so home from another location. This early snowfall almost looks like it might be here to stay now. Kind of a bummer considering we were hoping to graze the herd for another three weeks on regrowth in the hayfields. Oh well. Can't controll the weather, as those poor folks who survived the hurricanes know only too well.

Take care.
We just got back from a lovely trip to Vermont.. where it was 50's during the day and 30's at night. Apparently a warm fall for them as well, as there were kids out in shorts and short sleeves.

Came back to Texas after midnight to 80's and almost 4 inches of rain.

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