Semi dumb calf

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Dec 9, 2005
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Got a heifer calf that only wants to nurse on one side (1/2).I've seem them go 2 weeks or so doing this but not a month.Both cow and calf seem fine.I milked it out once and I see no signs of mastitis but the bag is about 3 inches lower on the side that dosent get sucked .I've even put the tit in the calfs mouth but she still wants to go to her 2 favorite.Am I headed for mastitis if she dosent start nursing that side or is there a chance everything will be fine.It's a pain in the a$$ to milk her out and I dont wanna treat her for something she aint got.
I had a calf only suck one side and the otherside just dried up. A day after weaning the active side was huge and the otherside was still shrunk up.
Thanks.Thats what I wanted to hear.I've seen them take 2 or 3 weeks to figure it out but this one seems perfectly content with her one side.Shes healthy as she can be.This is one of my best cows too.I' always watch her a little closer .Mabye I'm a little paranoid but even though she's 8 I'd like to see her raise a few more.
Jeanne - Simme Valley":37ktkzek said:
I would leave it alone. Either the calf will figure it out or the 2 quarters will simply dry off.
Some of mine seem to do this on a regular basis. I have one now that just sucked 1 for the first week. Now it is on 2, but switches out once in a while. In a couple of weeks it will be getting all of them more than likely.

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