Semen tank reccomendations

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Feb 19, 2008
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Any reccomendations for semen tanks with a long storage time? I saw one from Int. cryo. that has a 6 month static time, 660 straw capacity, for about $625. (BTW, I want to keep it under $700).
You mention you want a tank with a long storage time. Just curious why that is. I go through Select Sires and they keep my tank topped off at no charge. I think you have to buy a certain amount of semen for the nitrogen to be filled for nothing but I think it's only about 50 straws a year. At any rate I have a MVE Millenium XC-20 tank. According to their chart it has a working time of 125 days with a capacity for 720 straws. I bought mine for $485 a year ago and I see SS has them at $450 in the latest info they sent out.
No specific tank. But in the early spring frequently ABS, Genex and probably others have specials on barely used tanks that have been certified and are as good as new but a whole lot cheaper. They ship tanks loaded with semen to some of the large ranches in the west and AI everything, when they're done they ship them back and check them out. Might be worth checking on.
Check with all the local reps from the big 3 suppliers(ABS,Genex,Accelerated) there is some pretty good tank promotions going on right now. The XC20 is a great tank well within your price range.
I was looking for a long holding time because I wouldn't be using it much of the year, and I know friends that have to pay every time a supplier comes around. I forgot about the free fillups. A friend used to dairy farm and I remember he used to get his for free. He didn't know the minimum number of straws you had to buy though to get it free.

A used tank may be the way to go on that. I may have to look into that.

I know select sires does free fillups with so many straws, but does anyone know if Genex does the same? Those are the two suppliers in our area.
I see the XC20 tank is on special, depending on your rep you should be able to get into a new tank for around $500 plus freight.