Semen Purchase From Foreign Vet? A Scam?

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Recently I had an e-mail request from an alleged Veterinarian from New Zealand who allegedly was doing research in Kenya. He wanted to purchase 100 straws. Out of curiosity, I emailed him back about all of the complications of such foreign frozen semen shipments to foreign countries, etc., etc. He replied back indicating that he would have his "agent" pick up the semen here. Duh! What part of a "scam" doesn't he understand? I'm definitely not the gullible type; however, it is very interesting that someone in Kenya couldn't find semen in their area to purchase. (On the other hand, it MIGHT be a ligitimate inquiry or purchase offer???). Just wanted to alert other cattle people about this incident and wonder if any of you have been approached for similar reasons. [Incidentally, we'll probably NOT pursue this inquiry for semen further].
There are so many reputable semen jocky's out there that regularly ship semen all over the world, why didn't he try one of them, they take credit cards over the phone and deal with hundreds of sires from each breed, sounds like a scam to me, you were sharp to catch it, these folks just don't give up, blows my mind how many crooks are out there trying to take advantage of people who really work for a living

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