Selling a steer for the freezer.

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May 31, 2007
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I called today and got an appointment for my show steer at the Locker Plant. My ag teacher agreed to buy half of him on the hoof and pay for his half of the processing. I am selling the other half to my parents. They are both buying him still alive and are paying their half of the processing.
My question is
1. what would a guy charge for half a show steer still alive?
2. What would i charge my parents for their half of him plus the processing?
$'s per lb=____________
We are currently selling home raised locker calves for $2.25 per lbs hanging weight. This does not include the processing fees which are about .75 per lbs.. If this does sound a bit high as related to fedder cattle prices, a comparison must be made. These cattle are home raised and have no hormones.
Oh I didnt see the part about it being the parents. If it were my son he'd try to gouge me for about 4 bucks a pound.
But hey I say Tell Mom and dad gee I love you. How bout I just give it to you... I know it aint gonna happen, is it...?

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