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Jul 19, 2008
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Anyone have any experience with the Apache self feeders? Thinking about a 3ton model.
Never used that particular brand but if it's build good and heavy duty it should work for you. I've never used those fold up panels. Most are pretty flemsy and bent easily. If you want'em I'd probably figure out a way to build my own and make them a little more sturdy and figure out my own way to attach them to the feeder. Course that migth negate the "fold up" ability as well. (I'm not much of an engineer. ;-) )
Bought two when corn was $1.60 per bushel... Fed free choice corn on pasture for a while. :banana: Worked well with Char cross steers but the heifers got too fleshy.

Fabricated in Neb. Better build than any other brand in this area. Had good sales support there if you have questions.
They are about as good as your going 2 get, We have 3 of them, the part that breaks first is the fold down panels of course we have had them for several years and with 250 head of calves going in and out of them all summer long they are going 2 break. They are easy 2 fix and we have never had any other trouble with them.
I hope you have a big bank account to buy the feed! My neighbor used self-feeders last winter while I fed twice daily from buckets. His feed bill per head was exactly double what mine was. He also had a bunch of overfat calves that got docked when he sold them.

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