Selecting & Linebreeding Homozygous Traits -- The New Way?

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Aug 2, 2006
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Imagine selecting, before birth and before ET, from a group of bovine embryos prior to implanting the best ones into recipients, if we could evaluate the best genetic combinations before implanting. One could bypass, the homozygous and heterozygous CCS, Dwarf, and other alleles, and capture all the positive homozygous alleles to increase the likelihood of producing the best animals of all the flush material invested in. The ethical question may be what we will do with the remaining embryos. Should we discard them or sell them by informing the user of the potential consequences?

Baby selected to be free of cancer gene

The first UK baby genetically selected to be free of a form of breast cancer - caused by a gene called BRCA1 - has been born in London. Doctors said three generations of women in the baby girl's family had suffered from breast and ovarian cancer in their 20s, and this child will be free of that risk.
The parents underwent IVF, and the resulting embryos were screened with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), where a small number of cells are removed and tested. Only embryos free of the BRCA1 gene were implanted
Carriers of BRCA1 have an 80% chance of developing breast cancer and a 60% chance of developing ovarian cancer. ... igner.html
There isn't much of a limit as to what you can do these days, the questions is, can you afford it?
RD-Sam":hz4aajrn said:
There isn't much of a limit as to what you can do these days, the questions is, can you afford it?

Perhaps the question should be..."can you not afford it?". It appears the Show circuit and AI bulls are really going to have some huge hindquarters, all having eye, teat, and testicular pigment, huge testicals, straight backs, very low maturity, very fertile, live to 20 years old, weaning weights of over 700, birth weight of 80, etc....

I will name him SuperHerfordSire. The question may be..."How many shares do you want?".
I may only be able to afford a 1/4 share. :lol2:
Let's see....let get my calculater it is.....

1/4 share is....

.25 * $100,000 = $25,000

Would you prefer to pay by cashiers or wire? :mrgreen:

You can capitalize it by listing it under the Eugenics category of breeding costs and depreciate it over, let's say....five years? In other words, you can recover 100% of your costs in about 5 years, of course, as long as you have income. Sure you only want $25K worth?
Now you are starting to sound like a CEO and a stock broker, trying to get money for a pipe dream! :lol2: I never have bought into the pipe dream deals. And I have more write offs than I can use right now, I'm sure if I put everything I spent this past year on 08 taxes the man would come knocking on my door and want to know what's up! :help: But let me know when you are done and have a finished product to look at. :mrgreen:
That may be what they said before the scientists figured out how to freeze semen, thaw and insert the semen into a cow, flush a cow, freeze the embryos, and thaw and implant embryos into recipients at a later time. All a pipe dream. HAH! :idea: :idea: :mrgreen:
I'm sure there were many that thought they were crazy! I'm just a little gun shy of that stuff after being in manufacturing for almost 30 years, I've seen plenty of good intentions break good people. :nod:
Let me get my violin it is....

I am now playing tear jerker music...can you hear it? :mrgreen:

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