Seeing Newborn Calf

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We were driving near a ranch in Rawlins, WY. From the road, we saw a brand new calf. It's mother was holding the cord in her mouth, maybe eating it? As we watched the calf get up for the first time, along came a huge bull, followed by a single-file line of all the cattle! It looked like a parade. They all came down to see the new calf. The lead bull stopped, looked and kept walking straight. They really looked as though they were coming to welcome the new calf into the world. Any thoughts? It was like watching a well planned ceremony. The bull looked magnificent and proud, leading all the cattle.

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does chew/lick the cord off of the baby, and yes, if you cow-watch, you will see that the mother cow calls her herdmates to see the calf shortly after birth. It's almost like a herd-bonding thing. The instincts involved never cease to amaze me!

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