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Mar 20, 2017
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Im getting ready to seed 100lbs of bermuda to make a new pasture. The soil is sand. Im trying tp come up with a homemade attachment for thr back of the four wheeler to drag and bury the seeds, but not bury them to far, as they say. Ot to bury further than 1/8 to a 1/4 " max. Im thinking chainlink fence or cattle panel. But will even thesr bury to far?
Yes, prepered as good as sand can get. Diskided to avput 10". Then i let the rain pack it back. When i disked i put down oats to keep weeds at bay, so there is 4" oats growing. Oats should burn soon. Red bull breeder...Why not cover?
The Bermuda probably does not need to be covered at all to take off, kind of like rye grass. Some times they suggest the light cover just to help with birds and stuff but its not necessary especially if you get rain fairly quickly.

A cattle panel or chain link will work but you may try just rolling it with a packer first. A lot of times just the little weight from a roller will put that seed in the soil just a hair for you... especially in sand.

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