Scouring calf

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Feb 5, 2004
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Eastern PA
I just noticed one of my calves has scours. What have others used as treatment for this and does the weather and temp play a role in this. We were in the high sixties last week and last night down in the high teens.
Most, but not all, cases of scours are caused by a bacteria that is living in the calf's digestive system. Milk passing through the digestive process is an ideal growth medium for this bacteria. We have had the most luck in treating scours by removing milk from the calf's diet and replacing it with a good electrolyte mixture given by bottle or feeding tube. We prefer "Bounce Back" but I am sure that are other good products out there. At the same time we treat the calf aggressively with antibiotics to kill the bacteria. You can use either a bolus or injectable antibiotic. We have had the fastest results using Micotil. This treatment usually takes two or three days. Before we return the calf to his regular milk diet, we give him a dose of Probios to restart the beneficial bacteria in his stomach, since the strong antibiotics have wiped out both the good and bad bugs. It is most important to start early. Scours don't usually get better on their on, and those little calves can get real sick, real quick. Once they get down and quit eating it is hard to save them. Best of luck.

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