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I have a calf about 6 months old and she seems to sweat alot--even when it is cold out she seams damp and clammy. She is out first cow and I don't know if this is uncommon. She is with sheep and llamas and enjoys playing with them. Thank you, Tina

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Shave her hair off and see how she does, that is all I know to do, they are built for temperate Highlands, which can be severly cold, not warm weather, or they do well on coastal climates where the sea breeze keeps everything at a nice cool temp with the occasional warm/hot day

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Admittedly, I don't know a lot about Scottish Highlanders, but I have seen them in Arkansas and Oklahoma during hot summer weather and they didn't seem to be experiencing noticeable heat stress. If you are in a hot, humid area the cow might be having problems with skin parasites. The Scottish Highland cattle breeders used to have a Website. If it's still up you could e-mail them with your question. Dr. Phil Sponenberg at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy might also be able to advise you .

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