Scottish Highland Show Heifers

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Loch Valley Fold

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Apr 21, 2008
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NSW Australia
I have just brought 2 more Scottish Highland heifers they will be delivered here on the 6th of Dec (a nice self brought chissy present :D ) Seems I'm always buying in pairs as I'm trying to get 1 of each of the main colours for my foundation stock. As they are only 6-8mths old I thought I may give showing a go next year so work will begin once they have settled in at their new home.
Photos have been taken by their breeder I'll get new ones after the 6th Dec
Crystal Dubh

Charlotte Dubh
Heifers look good, Loch.

Hey, if you decide to try showing I might see you round the traps :D

I'm kinda partial to the white highlands, though I dont see many around. The Jnr Champ female at Melbourne this year was a white heifer, oh my she was stunning. I wanted to heifer-nap her :heart:
I'm trying for the base colours I have yellow, red & now black on my colours still to get list are White, Dun, Brindle & mahagony. Instead of getting one of each as planned I'm going for pairs :lol:
Yeah I didn't think that I would go for them either, however there is a big BUT they are much easier to handle than the angus cows I work that belongs to my old boss & the Limousins my uncle & his sons own. After spending a couple of hours working those cows I'm always thankful to come home to my girls.
That is so cool, I have never seen a Highland shown! We have all the boring things here..Angus, Simmental, Belties, Herefords,Shorthorns, maybe a Beefalo if things get real exciting <yawn> :roll:
Sorry I haven't check here for a while.
I do think that highlanders are under rated as a beef animal I would happily use a highland bull in a commercial situation IF I had the land to do so my bulls calf out of a dairy cow is fantastic, the cow a 98 model really only has milk in 1 back quarter so the calf isn't getting as much milk as he could. The only problem I have is they are big calves (or maybe I'm just used to Jersey calves :D :D )so I am very wary of using Hewie over any of our dairy cows as they are Jerseys & have gotten used to almost nil calving problems.
The Highlanders are coping with the heat here We're about 1/2 hr inland from the coast our summers here can reach 35-36C I let them go into the creek for shade during the day
so how do you clip them and get them ready for shows?? i've never even heard of them being shown.
Australian":cakbw71b said:
They are a formidable sight in the show ring. They don't truly look out of place. The miniature breeds look more out of place. I've never seen a Highland clipped like some other British breeds. Have always wondered what they'd look like.

I know some Highland breeders who clip their cattle- it makes them look 150% better. They don't clip like you would with other British breeds, but tidy them up and give them good definition and lines. You can actually SEE the animal. I think all Highlands should have some clipping done to them if they are to compete against the other breeds.

I have seen steers clipped like British breeds, and they do look good. Provided, like with any animal, they are prepared properly.
I noticed in the last society magazine that some breeders are starting to clip, personally I don't like the look of them clipped. For me they look far more impressive with their long coats & polished horns. I've never seen a miniature Highlander though I think I may have a heifer that could be a miniature she doesn't seem to be growing at all - only time will tell.
So, here are some clipped Highlands- obviously the varying degrees of clipping.
'Impressive' and 'competitive' are two different things.
IMO, if Highlands are to compete with other beef breeds, clipping to some degree is needed to allow the public to see the structure and muscling of the cattle. Now, I think these cattle are still very distinguishable as Highlands- contrary to what some breeders believe.





The dun bull is Chester Dhonn Laird of Gathbodhan & the red bull (3rd from top) is Cardinal of Gathbodhan I think the rest could also be Gathbodhan bred/owned
As I told mitch16, I won't point out who they belong to/are bred by on a public forum without their consent.
Suffice it to say, the dun bull sold for an astronomical amount of money as a mature sire and was exported to New Zealand.
Perhaps you should have posted that when you posted the photos - along with obtaining permission from the photographer to use his photos
I have to say I prefer them unclipped as part of breed character. The clipped ones look like Galloways with horns.

It is easy enough to tell what is under all the hair - put your hand on the animal!!!

Too many judges nowadays are afraid to actually touch the animals. But that might have something to do with all that black paint the angus guys put on, to make sure their black cattle are ... black :roll:

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