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Loch Valley Fold

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Apr 21, 2008
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NSW Australia
I'll take some more photos of my bull & add them here once we get a clear day or so

His first daughter (purebred highland)
From this Born August '08 (4weeks early)

To this

His first son (x-bred steer)

The 2 siblings together

2 Black heifers that I have just brought. Both will be delivered early in December '08
Crystal Dubh of Rahil Park

Charlotte Dubh of Rahil Park

Crossbred steer for freezer next year would have been ready this year

Pictures of the herd or I should say Fold

Photo taken on the 29th Nov of a storm that blew in got just over 2" in this downpour

Would be intereseted in hearing comments about my bull
I dont know alot about highlands but he doesnt look very wide, other than that I think he loos decent. How old is he?
Is this the bull you have posted before?

Although he doesnt look that great in these photos, I really liked him other times you posted (if that was the same bull ... did that make sense?)

Like your black heifers.

The cow with the baby calf looks to have udder problems ... but the baby calf looks like she is doing well :D
Yes it the same bull I will be the first to admit they're not the best photos, although it is the first time that I have taken pics from all angles plus he's standing facing downhill I think that is what is putting everything off. Those photos were a rush job to get some taken before the storm hit & I did'nt have enough space on the camera this morning when I took the photos of his 2 calves. The heifer is doing extreemly well & wouldn't know that she had a couple of minor setbacks in her fist 6 weeks of life.
Forgot to ask if the photos look "normal" I've just got a wide screen monitor & everything looks stretched

I'm at Cobargo its on the nsw far south coast between Bega & Narooma & about 30 mins from Tathra if you've watch the news over the last couple of weeks you'll know why I mentioned Tathra
Yes it was a sad & tragic situation all way round I knew Shane from school & the butchery shop where he worked, my brother went to school with his partner & my cousin played footy with him. I feel the same way with those little kids that drowned in the parents pool at the same time this happened & so close to Christmas & all.

The green grass at the moment is just that - green still no real food value in the grass, although the kike grass is just loving the weather a hot humid days & thunderstorms in the afternoon or night. Since the rain started we've had 5 1/2 inches we should be making hay Christmas day - well maybe Boxing day at least :lol:

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