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Jun 16, 2004
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osage county oklahoma
We just got back from killing a couple of coyotes. Great fun but I was wondering if anybody out there would know where to find a scope with a red light on it and if they make a big difference. We bait coyotes and hogs to make it easier, but we could use another advantage. The hogs play havoc on our wheat fields and the coyotes are just a pain. They could all be shot and left for dead for all we care. Same goes for the deer. We have so many deer on our wheat fields it is ridiculous. The wildlife department helps us out and are the ones who gave us the idea of the scope. Our extension is great and work hard with us to control our varment population.
At least Bushnell makes a lighted reticle scope, T/C also has one but don't know about the magnification. The problem I've had in the past with lighted scopes is the battery life used to just really suck. Hopefully that's improved. But when it dims out just when you need it it's a real pain in your sitter.


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