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Sep 6, 2004
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The members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow(TLBT), which is the youth organization of the TLBAA, are offered over $100,000/yr spread out at 10+/- shows, including the National Show, through the Autobahn Motorcar Youth Scholorship Tour. I know that I personally recieved over $3,000 in its inaugural year. Kids get money for exhibiting an animal that places in the top 5 in its age class.

Do any other breeds or associations have scholarship or money opportunities, too?
The TJSSA (Texas Junior Simmental Simbrah Association) has scholarship opportunities and they also have a futurity each year where the kids not only compete in the showring, but in sire summary quiz, sales talk, herdsman quiz, showmanship, judging and a couple more, for prizes and money.

Then there's the Simbrah Sensation: Last year's grand champion heifer of the jr. show won $6000 and the reserve got $4000. It division champs and top five in each class also won monies. Along with showmanship, top five in each of five divisions winning money. This is sponsored by a group of Simbrah breeders. The winner is not just determined by the class placing, the heifer's are weighed and measured and perfromance is factored in.

Another is the Simmental/Simbrah Superbowl held in conjuction with San Antonio Livestock Expo. It's basically ran the same as the sensation.

American Simmental Association has scholarship opportunities as well.

There are other futurities held in the state as well each year also, Gulf Coast and North Texas to name a couple.
i think most of the big breeds have scholarships opportunities. some of them are awarded in the showring as you mentioned & some of them are applied for & committees will decide based on show history, leadership, academics, etc.

some of the polled hereford breeders have scholarship programs set up as well. if you buy one of their heifers & place at certain shows, you receive scholarship money. the amount depends on the show & also how many heifers you've purchased from them.
Pretty much the same thing as txag mentioned for the Polled Hereford breeders also applies to the Angus breeders
I am glad to see that many breeds have scholarship opportunities that will help young people further their education.

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